Season 2, Episode 1. Lockdown in the Early Pandemic.

This is S2: Episode 1: Lockdown in the Early Pandemic

In this episode, hosts Theo Hilton and Deondre Smiles explore the uneven effects of state-supported and state-prescribed COVID responses, focusing on the experiences of Stan, who was arrested and incarcerated beginning in the summer of 2020. His narrative reflects those of the many people inside and outside prison walls who bear the impacts of COVID’s precarity. In the second part, we ask anti-carceral organizer Io Brooks about how the forced movement of people within and among spaces of incarceration has shaped-and been shaped by–the pandemic.



Stan, Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe citizen

Io Brooks, organizer, NYC


Our music was created by dex digi (Dexter Thomas)

Intro: Piano Ruff Stilt Lodrum a

Transition Music: Africa Again Lodrum a

Interlude: Lofi Ting a

Outro: dream seq2.mp3 a


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Many thanks to The Antipode Foundation for their generous support.

Episode 1 is hosted by Theo Hilton and Deondre Smiles.

The episode was mixed and edited by AK ALMoumen.

This episode was produced by all members of the Antipod Sound Collective.


Please cite as: Antipod Sound Collective. “Season 2, Episode 1: Lockdown in the Early Pandemic” Written/hosted by Theo Hilton and Deondre Smiles, edited by AK ALMoumen. January 23, 2023.

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