Season 2, Episode 2. COVID as a Public Health Issue.

This is S2: Episode 2: COVID as a Public Health Issue

In this episode, hosts Asha Best and Carrie Freshour consider the spread of COVID in prison from a public health perspective. We’ll hear from abolitionist organizers in WA state, and speak with Dr. Aaron Mallory, assistant professor of African and African American Studies at Arizona State University. We discuss a variety of public health responses and ask what this moment opens up for thinking about carcerality, responsibility and abolition.

Key Questions:

What does it mean to look at incarceration through a public health lens?

What does the spread of COVID19 in prisons make visible? 

Who makes decisions around public health in prisons?  

What did this moment open up for organizers?



Free Them All WA

Stan, Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe citizen

Dr. Aaron Mallory


Our music was created by dex digi (Dexter Thomas)

Intro: Piano Ruff Stilt Lodrum a

Interlude/Transition: Africa Again Lodrum a

Outro: Lofi Ting a


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Episode 2 is hosted by Asha Best and Carrie Freshour.

The episode was mixed and edited by AK ALMoumen.

This episode was produced by all members of the Antipod Sound Collective.


Please cite as: Antipod Sound Collective. “Season 2, Episode 2: COVID as a Public Health Issue” Written/hosted by Asha Best and Carrie Freshour, edited by AK ALMoumen. January 23, 2023.

Sources and Links:

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Free Them All WA

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Dr. Aaron Mallory, African and African American Studies in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University. Aaron received their PhD in Geography from the University of Minnesota. You can reach Dr. Mallory at @Mallory_Air on twitter, dr_former_lover on IG, and

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